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Essential Oil Fragrance

Fragrant care for your home

Essential Oils, often referred to as “Nature’s Pharmacy” are precious liquids extracted from specific species of plant life and are in harmony with people and planet alike. By taking essential oils into our lives we find a way to provide our family and home with the protection and pleasure they need without polluting ourselves and our environment with chemicals. Many essential oils have been clinically proven to kill bacteria, viruses and fungi and help people stay healthy. For example; citrus and minty smells help to wake you up and keep you alert.
Lavender helps to relax you and put you to sleep.


Lavender Sweet Orange Essential Oil


The soft woodiness of lavender and the bright, energizing scent of sweet orange along with eucalyptus are a perfect match. Leaves a soft, sweet fragrance wherever it’s used. But in addition to its pleasant scent, both lavender and orange essential oils are proven to be strongly effective at cleaning, disinfecting, and deodorizing.

Scent: Clean and refreshing.
Blends With: Lavender and other Citrus scents.
Scent Intensity: Medium


Asian Lemongrass

The Lemongrass scent is reminiscent of Lemonhead Candy

This blend contains Tea Tree Oil which is a super cleaning oil, but the Lemongrass scent dominates this blend.

The intense lemony scent of Lemongrass Oil is a very refreshing oil and a good stimulant for your mind. Lemongrass Oil is a lot sweeter than Lemon Oil.

Lemongrass oil also known as East Indian Lemongrass. Lemongrass has a strong lemony scent with a spicy undertone. Apart from being a good oil to clean with, lemongrass oil is a great oil for household odors.

Scent: Invigorating, refreshing and uplifting.
Blends With: Rosemary, lavender and lemon.
Scent Intensity: Strong


My favorites are lemongrass and a mixture of lavender & geranium.


For further information on Health and Healing with Essential Oils, look over this site.

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